Speeches by John Garvey

Transcripts of addresses given by Catholic University's 15th president.

Land O'Lakes Conference Introduction Nov. 10, 2017 Remarks on the 50th anniversary of the Land O'Lakes Statement on the nature and mission of a Catholic university in the modern world.

128th Annual Commencement Remarks May 13, 2017 The President spoke on the virtue of studiousness.

127th Annual Commencement Remarks May 14, 2016 The President spoke of the neglected virtue of repentance.

126th Annual Commencement Remarks May 16, 2015 President Garvey spoke to graduates about the virtue of modesty, and reminded them, "The greatest immodesty is to try to live without God.

125th Annual Commencement Remarks May 17, 2014 The University President encouraged graduate to "live courageously."

124th Annual Commencement Remarks May 18, 2013 President Garvey offers advice to graduates on finding joy.

President Garvey Addresses Bishops June 13, 2012 John Garvey delivered an address titled "Religious Freedom and the Love of God" at the General Assembly of the USCCB in Atlanta.

Remarks at the 2012 Columbus School of Law Commencement May 24, 2012 President Garvey urged graduates to have faith, practice it, let it shape their work, and share it with others.

Address at CUA's 123 Annual Commencement May 12, 2012 The president spoke to graduating students about the virtue of patience, "the seedbed of humility and justice."

125th Anniversary Founders Day Speech April 10, 2012 President Garvey congratulated the University community on exceeding the goal of 125,000 hours of service to mark the school's 125th anniversary.

Remarks at 9/11 Mass of Remembrance Sept. 11, 2011 On the 10th anniversary of 9/11, CUA students gathered for Mass in the Edward J. Pryzbyla University Center. President Garvey delivered a reflection after Communion.

Remarks on 9/11 Day of Service Sept. 10, 2011 After the president spoke about the meaning of service in remembrance of 9/11, he spent the day working with students at one of the service sites.

Remarks at the Mass of the Holy Spirit Sept. 1, 2011 President Garvey challenged the CUA community to perform 125,000 hours of service in honor of the University's 125th anniversary.

Address at CUA's 122nd Annual Commencement May 14, 2011 President Garvey's first commencement speech at Catholic University focused on the virtue of mercy.

Inaugural Address - "Intellect and Virtue: The Idea of a Catholic University" Jan. 25, 2011 At his inauguration as the 15th President of The Catholic University of America, John Garvey proposed that "the cultivation of virtue prepares the ground for the work of the intellect."

Post-Communion Remarks for the Mass of the Holy Spirit Sept. 2, 2010 In his first address to the entire CUA community, Garvey offered reflections on the role of faith in the life of the university.

Magazine Columns

Columns written by John Garvey for The Catholic University of America Magazine.

Literature as Literature Spring 2016

The Holy Father Comes to Campus Fall 2015

On a Career Path, Surprises Can Be Part of the Plan Summer 2015

The Importance of Place Spring 2015

Glorious Music Fall 2014

A Family Wedding at Home Summer 2014

Crossing Academic Borders Spring 2014

Inspiring Activism Fall 2013

A Cornerstone of Academic Excellence Summer 2013

A Win for Women Spring 2013

Majestic Buildings, Beautiful Grounds Fall 2012

'Home' Improvement Summer 2012

Expanding Our Global Reach Spring 2012 Both President Garvey and Catholic University students are strengthening international ties.

Alumni, We Hear You Fall 2011 President Garvey reviews the results of a comprehensive survey of Catholic University alumni.

Back in the Classroom Spring 2011 President Garvey is teaching an undergraduate course in Constitutional Law. He says it helps him stay connected to students and to the heart of academia.

Filling an Empty Nest Fall 2010 Catholic University's students help John and Jeanne Garvey through a parental transition.

Articles by John Garvey

Essays and articles published outside of The Catholic University of America.

What should guide U.S. immigration policy: self-interest or charity? Jan. 24, 2017, America Advocating for an immigration policy rooted in charity and hospitality.

ObamaCare vs. Little Sisters of the Poor March 20, 2016, The Wall Street Journal President Garvey's op-ed in advance of the Supreme Court hearing oral arguments in the landmark case challenging the Department of Health and Human Services contraceptive mandate under the Affordable Care Act.

Religious Liberty and the Practice of Charity 2015, www.USCCB.org The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops published an essay by Catholic University President John Garvey as a catechetical teaching aid in the Beliefs and Teachings section of its website. The essay provides a global outlook on challenges to religious liberty in the context of the Church's teachings on human dignity and the practice of charity.

Disagreement is not Discrimination April 17, 2015, The Washington Post John Garvey, University President, and Cardinal Donald Wuerl, archbishop of Washington and chancellor of the University, published an op-ed in the Washington Post on the Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Act and the Human Rights Amendment Act.

Mayor de Blasio's indecent proposal Aug. 19, 2014, The Boston Pilot The New York mayor wants religious schools to help the city provide universal pre-kindergarten, but he's asking the schools to cover up religious symbols and omit religious content from their instruction in exchange for payments of $10,000 per student.

Op-Ed: A bogus 'balance' of health rights Feb. 24, 2013, New York Post Recent discussion of the Department of Health and Human Services' contraceptive rules suggests that even fairly well educated people can longer carrying on a reasoned debate.

Why Benedict Resigned Feb. 12, 2013, National Review Online John Garvey reflects on the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI from the papacy, and invites us to consider the example of humility the pope has set.

Op-Ed: Civility in America: Looking for Our Better Angels Sept. 20, 2012, Stamford Advocate The Catholic University of America President offers suggestions for resetting the tone of political discourse in America.

A Matter of Faith and Freedom June 3, 2012, The Chronicle of Higher Education President Garvey likens the HHS mandate to the dilemma of Eleazar recounted in the Book of Maccabees.

For the Government, What Counts As Catholic? May 25, 2012, The Washington Post Garvey defends the principle of the separation of church and state.

Religious Liberty? Feb. 19, 2012, Chicago Tribune University President John Garvey wrote a Feb. 19 op-ed about religious liberty.

Don't Trample Religious Freedom Dec. 7, 2011, The Baltimore Sun Commentary on the recent statement on religious liberty issued by Maryland's Catholic bishops.

Catholic University's Same-sex Dorms Foster Friendship, Respect Dec. 1, 2011, The Washington Post John Garvey responds to criticism of his decision to reinstate same-sex residence halls at Catholic University.

HHS's Birth-control Rules Intrude on Catholic Values Sept. 30, 2011, The Washington Post President John Garvey criticizes new federal rules that require Catholic institutions to provide health insurance coverage for birth control.

Religious Liberty and Conscience Protection Aug. 1, 2011, America The Respect for Rights of Conscience Act would prevent any new health care mandates from infringing upon the rights of conscience that Americans currently enjoy.

Why We're Going Back to Single-Sex Dorms June 13, 2011, The Wall Street Journal Here is one simple step colleges can take to reduce both binge drinking and hooking up: Go back to single-sex residences.

The Idea of a Catholic University November 2010, First Things What distinguishes a Catholic university from others is a focus on uniting intellect and virtue, where the pursuit of truth is in harmony with loving and serving God.

Articles prior to Garvey's appointment as president of Catholic University