John Garvey

Articles by and about John Garvey

The writings listed on this page were published prior to his appointment as President of The Catholic University of America in 2010. 

In His Writings, Garvey focuses on Issues of Law, Education and Religion

John Garvey has written numerous articles on law, education and religion. He’s written articles for various law reviews and wrote about current law and education topics in his column “Behind the Columns” for BC Law Magazine.


Sotomayor Tests Religious Clause, BC Law Magazine, Spring/Summer 2009

What a Difference: An Argument for Institutional Pluralism, BC Law Magazine, Fall/Winter 2008

Social Proof and Pluralism, The Association of American Law Schools, October 2008

Internationalism and Pluralism, The Association of American Law Schools, August 2008

Complexity and Pluralism, The Association of American Law Schools, April 2008

Institutional Pluralism, The Association of American Law Schools, February 2008

The First Freedom, BC Law Magazine, Spring/Summer 2007

State putting Church out of adoption business, Boston Globe, March 14, 2006

A Small Miracle from Katrina, BC Law Magazine, Fall/Winter 2005

A Dean’s Job, BC Law Magazine, Fall/Winter 2004

Introduction (Symposium: The Impact of Clergy Sexual Misconduct Litigation on Religious Liberty), Boston College Law Review, July/September 2003

A Healthy Mix, BC Law Magazine, Spring/Summer 2003

Catholic Law Schools and the Church Crisis, Boston College Chronicle, Dec. 14, 2002

A Banner Year, BC Law Magazine, Fall/Winter 2002

Embracing a Global View, BC Law Magazine, Spring/Summer 2002

The Business of Running a Law School, University of Toledo Law Review, Fall 2001

The Worst of Times, BC Law Magazine, Fall 2001

Catholic Judges in Capital Cases, Marquette Law Review, Winter 1998

Is There a Principle of Religious Liberty? (Book Review), Michigan Law Review, May 1996

Black and White Images, Law and Contemporary Problems, Autumn 1993

A Comment on Religious Convictions and Lawmaking, Michigan Law Review, May 1986

Another Way of Looking at School Aid, The Supreme Court Review, 1985

Freedom and Choice in Constitutional Law, Harvard Law Review, 1981

Freedom and Equality in the Religion Clauses, The Supreme Court Review, 1981

The Attorney's Affidavit in Litigation Proceedings, Stanford Law Review, Jan. 1979

News Articles about Garvey Highlight His Work As Legal Expert and Educator

John H. Garvey has been quoted in media articles based upon his legal and educational expertise. Several articles also detail his career accomplishments.

BC Law Dean Garvey Named to Irish Legal 100 (BC NewsWire) 11-11-09
Garvey was named to the Irish Legal 100 list by Irish Voice and Irish America. The list, which includes two Supreme Court justices, represents lawyers, judges, educators and politicians from across the U.S. who share a passion for the law and pride in their Irish heritage.

Garvey to Speak at O’Malley Dinner (Boston College Law School Website) 9-11-09
Garvey was the featured speaker at a dinner hosted by Boston Cardinal Sean O'Malley on Sept. 20, 2009.

Garvey Assumes AALS Presidency
(Boston College Law School Website) 1-7-08
Garvey took over as the 106th president of the American Association of Law Schools at the conclusion of the 2008 annual AALS meeting held in New York City.

Sexuality and the U.S. Catholic Church Wins Book Award (Boston College Law School Website) 6-13-07
The book Sexuality and the U.S. Catholic Church, co-edited by Garvey, wins first place in the Catholic Press Association's Gender Issues category, with an honorable mention in the category of Theology.

Archbishop’s Call for Court Blessing Steers Clear of Issues (New York Times) 10-2-06
John Garvey was quoted in this article about the religious backgrounds of the justices of the U.S. Supreme Court. See story.

Religious Exemption Sought for Gay Adoption Law (National Public Radio) 3-20-06
Garvey was interviewed on National Public Radio about a Massachusetts state law requiring equal treatment for gay couples seeking adoption services which prompted Catholic Charities to give up seeking adoptive homes for children.

Law Community Cites Rehnquist’s Courage (Boston Globe) 9-5-05
Garvey reflects on Supreme Court Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist’s career in the wake of his death.

Dean Garvey Awarded Alpha Sigma Nu
(Boston College Law School Website) 10-8-04
Garvey was awarded the 2004 Alpha Sigma Nu Jesuit Book Award for Professional Studies for his work Religion and the Constitution.

Dean Garvey Addresses U.S. Court of Appeals Judges (Boston College Law School Website) 10-28-02
Garvey was invited to participate at the Federal Judicial Center’s Symposium for Court of Appeals Judges.

Seven Grand Juries Examine Bishops
(USA Today) 6-19-02
Grand jury investigations focusing on the role of America's Roman Catholic bishops and other church officials in ignoring or covering up sexual abuse by priests mark the first national probe of a religious group since the federal prosecution of polygamists in the 19th-century Mormon Church, according to Garvey.

Dean Garvey is Chair-Elect for AALS Section (Boston College Law School Website) 1-14-02
Garvey was selected in 2002 as the chair of Association of American Law Schools’ Section for the Law School Dean.

Dean Garvey Named to Terrorism Task Force (Boston College Law School Website) 10-3-01
Boston College Law School Dean John H. Garvey was named to the ABA Task Force on Terrorism and the Law, a group of experts who offer counsel to United States political leaders.

Garvey Named as Law School’s Next Dean (Boston College Chronicle) 4-15-99
University Names Garvey as Law School Dean (Boston College Website) 4-8-99
In 1999, Boston College selected John H. Garvey, then a professor at the University of Notre Dame Law School and a nationally renowned expert in constitutional law, to be the next dean of the law school.