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2013 Magazine Columns

  • Inspiring Activism

    The Catholic University of America Magazine, Fall 2013

    On October 2 we announced a new affiliation with Chinese human rights activist Chen Guangcheng (see news story on page 4). Mr. Chen joins our Institute for Policy Research & Catholic Studies as a distinguished visiting fellow. He will also serve as a senior distinguished fellow in human rights at the Witherspoon Institute, and senior distinguished adviser focused on Internet freedom and human rights for persons with disabilities at the Lantos Foundation for Human Rights & Justice. 

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  • A Cornerstone of Academic Excellence

    The Catholic University of America Magazine, Summer 2013

    This issue of The Catholic University of America Magazine features an article on page 26 about the Mount Olivet Cemetery, where several prominent figures from our University’s past are buried. It is a small treasure of Catholic University’s history. I’m delighted it’s been rediscovered. The article got me thinking about one of our oldest academic departments. 

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  • A Win for Women

    The Catholic University of America Magazine, Spring 2013

    Last year was the 40th anniversary of Title IX. Our students are too young to remember when it passed, though some of our alumni might. It was created to prevent discrimination or exclusion from educational programs and activities on the basis of sex. The most visible impact was on women’s sports.

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