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2018 Magazine Columns

  • A City We Call Home

    CatholicU, Fall 2018

    In October, I was invited to a Friday afternoon reception at the Embassy of Ireland on Massachusetts Avenue. A group of our alumni, who in 1983 were the first American students to intern in the Irish Parliament, planned a 35th reunion in Washington, D.C., complete with a reception at the embassy. You can read about it on page 45. I was happy to be invited.

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  • Telling a New, More Inclusive Story

    CatholicU, Summer 2018

    We have a way of telling the story of the settlement of America that doesn’t do the subject full justice. We teach our children about the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock. We may discuss how the Founding Fathers enshrined the right to religious liberty in the Constitution. We remember the waves of immigrants from England, Ireland, Italy, and Germany who built churches and filled pews throughout the land. But that is not the whole story. 

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  • Minds to Lead and Hearts to Serve

    CatholicU, Winter 2018

    I enjoy being home at Nugent Hall. Jeanne and our dog, Gus, keep me company. Our daughter Clare and her family (including our newest granddaughter, Rosie) are living here while Matthew does his resi-dency; and several of our other children drop in often. We are right on campus, so I just walk downstairs to work. There aren’t many things that can entice me to travel out of town. But meeting Catholic University alumni around the country is worth the trip every time. 

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